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Hello Dr. Snyder.
I Thank the Theosophical Society for introducing me to you.
I am very grateful that you are working with me! I appreciate your dedication, your extensive knowledge of better care for my body, your compassion, and your patience. And thank you for my feeling better already, after only three weeks - that's quick - considering I've had these conditions for many, many years.
And...Best Wishes in healing thousands more people. And in Achieving All Your dreams!

Your # One basket case, Marrion Steele

"On May 30th, 2001 I became a patient of Dr. Gary Snyder. I had chronic sinusitis, which left me weak, exhausted and in terrible pain on a daily basis. He began his treatment immediately and within 2 weeks I felt a huge relief. My sinus pain and pressure were gone and my infection cleared up without antibiotics and nose spray. Five months later I have not had a single sinus infection and my numerous allergies have completely cleared up. I have energy, I feel great, I can go to the gym without my glands swelling up and I am not in constant fear of another sinus infection reoccurring. I have had sinusitis for over 10 years and I never thought I could be free of the infections. Dr. Snyder has been a blessing to me and my family who have also been dealing with my illness and felt as hopeless as I once did."

- J. L. Miami

"Last year, after MRI's, surgery for a protruding disc and VIR test, I was diagnosed with MS. After reading several books on MS I decided I would not take the experimental conventional drug treatment. Before going to Dr. Snyder, I was increasingly losing my energy, muscle tone, had a lot of residual effects with my back and optic neuritis and was filled with anxieties. In the past five-week period, since I have been seeing Dr. Snyder, I have had a great lessening of the residual effects of my optic neuritis. I no longer have any anxiety about driving. I have been able to establish a daily exercise routine, including an hour's continuous stationary bike exercise. Most importantly, I have tremendous amounts of energy and overall sense of physical and mental well being and will soon be returning to work."

- S.G. Ft. Lauderdale

"My daughter at 15 months old was diagnosed with autism/mercolia. Soon after she gradually acquired sensitivities to everything she ate thus causing hyperactivity, violent behavior, and regression with socialization, eye contact, speech and coordination. I was finally at a loss of what to feed her next tat would not cause a reaction. Then she started NAET treatments with Dr. Snyder. In just one week her teachers and family noticed a difference and with each additional treatment we get a little more of our daughter back. NAET is nothing short of a miracle."

- C.V. mother of an autistic child

"One night, 1 year ago, my seemingly "perfectly healthy husband had a 911 emergency that placed him in the intensive care unit of our local hospital. The trauma and unexpectedness of this event was overwhelming, not to mention after receiving a hospital bill of 28,000.00 +, the doctors had no medical explanation for what had caused his seizure-like episode. Performing every medical test on him prior to his release from the hospital, it was determined that "there was nothing medically wrong with him." However, the doctor put him on drugs that made him terribly sick and lethargic. It made no sense to me that my husband should be taking medicine with such severe side effects - if "there was nothing medically wrong with him". I decided that there had to be something "nutritionally" wrong. Thank God I called Dr Gary Snyder. He tested and discovered a problem with pesticides and ever since, things have turned around for us. Dr. Snyder and his staff are so kind, understanding, and extremely knowledgeable in the field of Nutritional & Homeopathic Medicine. With only a few visits, Dr. Snyder seems to have corrected what was apparently lacking or imbalanced in my husbands system. We highly recommend Clinical Nutrition Center to anyone with any sort ofhealth situation that needs corrected. Dr. Snyder has proven himself to us as he took the time to find out what was the "cause" of my husbands problem and then treated him with nutritional and homeopathic supplements. I cannot even imagine what life would be to us today if I would have let my husband continue the horrible medicine the hospital put him on. I truly thank Dr. Snyder for my husband's health."

- M.G. wife of seizure patient

"August 2002

Dear Dr Snyder,

I remember the days 8 years ago when the doctors gave up on Matthew and decided he had to live in a bubble for 6 months to see if he could thrive and survive. It was the care I heard in your voice & the time you took out of your day to talk to me ( a desperate new mother) that convinced me walk into your office. I brought in a tiny baby boy, with "asthmatic tendencies", burnt & bleeding skin, rashes, allergies, etc... Today he is a happy, healthy 9 year who plays tennis, is top 5 in his swim team, is an Aikido student, plays music, sings with a children's choir and loves soccer.

I remember his little sister that was born in the middle of all of this, spent the few weeks of her life in NICU. I remember your care then, and your support and encouragement. Today Alexis is a beautiful 7 year old, who ran a "mile run" in a Track & Field event in 8 minutes, she is top 5 in her swim team, plays music, sings with a children's choir/drama group, is an Aikido student and loves to dance.

May these miracles serve as encouragement to you as you continue to help and heal others.

With Prayers and many Blessings, Always."

- MH Pompano, FL

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