Childhood vaccines: Science still hasn't proven them safe

Recently, I had one of "those moments" a blessing that often accompanies my type of medical practice: the elation happens when a patient turns the corner on a health issue, one we may have been working on for quite some time. While that's exciting with any patient. It's especially rewarding when the patient is an autistic child.

Nicholas is an otherwise healthy 4-year-old boy. I've had the pleasure of working with him and his family for the past 11 months, so when his mother proudly announced that for the first time in four years, she'd heard her son's voice, we both had tears in our eyes. He started with "happy," then "apple" small words, but a major breakthrough. And from my professional experience, I expect exciting times are ahead for Nicholas. But as rewarding as this experience may be, it is at the same time frustrating because the vast majority of autistic spectrum children like Nicolas are not getting the help they need and deserve.

It's not that people are not trying. However, the same medical system that failed these kids by allowing contaminants, even neurotoxins like mercury, into their vaccines fails them again by offering little or no help after the damage is done. It seems they're so busy denying the potential danger and vaccine relationship to childhood illnesses that they are not looking for answers only justification. And worse yet, they turn their back on the clinical breakthroughs that are occurring routinely in alternative or complimentary medicine. And these are the therapies that can and do help kids like Nicholas recover.

We live in a very toxic world, filled with heavy metals, pesticides and petrochemicals, in the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. As adults, our bodies find ways to fight the poisons. In fact, during pregnancy, a woman's body has built-in barriers to protect the fetus from the mother's exposure to these and other toxins. However, despite this, the fetal blood supply now contains some 250 chemicals. Newborns are coming into this world toxic, but allopathic medicine still routinely injects additional toxins into newborns, infants, toddlers and kids of any age.

We have been led to believe that certain vaccinations may have contributed to stopping the spread of some infectious diseases, but the issue has become: Why is conventional medicine saying that we should inject all of our children? Is it theoretically to protect against a few critical diseases while markedly increasing the risk of a large number of chronic diseases? Scientific research shows doubt in the success of vaccinations, but we are not shown that information for fear of jeopardizing what the vaccine manufacturers have been pontificating for years. The bottom line is, the drug industry knows vaccines are good for business. However, they cannot prove they are good for your health. Educating yourself is no longer an option. It is essential for the health and well-being of you and your family.

With independent research into the rising incidents of allergies, asthma, ADD and autism spectrum disorders, on sites such as, where expert pediatricians discuss vaccines, parents can do additional research to draw their own conclusions. These discussions demonstrate that the risk of unilateral use of many vaccines outweighs the benefits. Vaccinations can impede the development of children's' neuromuscular and immune systems. While some children are seemingly not affected, others are dramatically, and science shows that the proliferation of childhood psycho-neuro-immunological disorders like autism are not coincidence.

While no area of medicine has all the answers, alternative research is providing hope. When we combine therapies like homeopathic detoxification, NAET, an allergy desensitization process with nutritional and behavioral therapies, we are seeing these suffering kids have the chance to be like all the other kids around them. They can have the chance to grow up happy and healthy like their siblings and friends.

We encourage parents, friends and family members to search out the specially trained health care practitioners that can help, the sooner the better. If you have difficulty finding a qualified practitioner in your area, feel free to contact my clinic, Alternative Medicine Center in Fort Lauderdale, and we will assist you in your search. We believe that kids stand a chance if given one.